These reviews are from children's parents we take care of. You can find these review on Yelp

S. F.

My daughter has been going to Elmira's since she was 1--she is now 4. I really can't express how wonderful this day care has been for us. Elmira is kind and loving while providing structure and stability. As others have said, her place is immaculate and child friendly. The kids have a lot of fun! Enjoying dancing, singing, music, art, reading and outdoor play. She also helps them learn to respect each other and other child level rules and responsibilities--like helping to clean up toys, taking turns and table manners. I can honestly say my daughter has been happy to go to Elmira's every day--and has even asked if she could go back after I've picked her up:). Elmira has worked with me on the rare occasions I have needed to drop my daughter off a little early or pick her up a little late. Her College aged daughter has baby sat for us as well--both at the facility and at my home. Elmira's is truly a lovely place--and she is a wonderful person. I highly, and without reservation, would recommend her child care center.

Fadila K.

My son is going to this childcare for few months and he seems to like it. The staff members take a good care of every child and the place is always clean. I would recommend this place to everyone who needs a safe place for his/her child. Their rates are affordable too, so don't look further.

Tedi V.

I have two sons, they've both attended ElMira's childcare. One started at 18 months, the other at 4 months. I first came to El Mira's Childcare after trying out 2 other highly recommended childcare options. Neither of which worked. From the moment I walked into El Mira's Childcare, I knew this was where I wanted my child to be. Her place is clean and safe, tailored especially for children. She provides structure throughout the day, which includes art and music. She teaches the kids to share and be responsible, respectful and kind to one another. However, the most important reason we go to El Mira's Childcare is El Mira. She is kind, loving and experienced. She loves each one of the children as if they were her own. My 18th month has grown and is now 41/2, attending pre-kindergarten, however, nothing makes him happier then going back to visit El Mira. She is not only concerned with their well being when they are there, but wants to know how their nights are as well as the weekends were. I would highly recommend El Mira if you are considering a daycare for your child. She is not only loving and kind, but flexible, reliable and dependable. I would not hesitate to visit and see for yourself!

Kathy H.

My six year old daughter was cared for by Elmira from when she was three months old until over three years old. My three and a half year old son is going there now and has been since he was three months old. I can whole-heartedly recommend Elmira's Childcare without any reservations. Her facility is super clean, organized and child-proofed for safety. I can say from knowing her for over six years now, that she is completely honest, trustworthy, loving and nurturing. I know when I leave my children with her that they are in a safe and loving environment. Elmira and her staff engage the children in fun and age appropriate activities. There is a wonderful gated play structure in her back yard. She also employs both a music and art teacher who are fantastic. She carefully screens her staff and all have been lovely. The children are fed a warm home made wholesome breakfast and lunch every day and get an afternoon snack. There is a set time for everything (which is so important for this age) and a special cozy room for nap time. It will be hard to leave Elmira's care as my son is starting preschool this fall. My family has been blessed to have her and her wonderful staff and family in our lives! We are grateful.

Tracy R.

My daughter has been going to Elmira's for two years, she has really thrived and grown there. Elmira cooks fresh, healthy meals for the children every day. The rates are really affordable, especially seeing as the adult to child ratio is really low. The center is always spotless and the children are always engaged in developmentally appropriate activities, whether it be playing outside or doing puzzles etc. I feel confident when I leave my daughter that she will be safe and happy under the care of Elmira and her assistant. If you are looking for a place where your child will be nurtured and loved Elmira's is it! Elmira's is as close as it gets to a home away from home.

Majella G.

You don't need to look any further than Elmira's Child Care. My son attended Elmira's for 3 years and now my daugher is in her wonderful care. the facility is extremely clean, Elmira cooks breakfast, lunch and an afternap snack every day. there's a great outdoor space for play and also a large area for indoor play for when the weather does not cooperate. The location is great , close to the L taraval and 19th avenue. I highly recommend Elmira's Child Care.